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Why Become a RocketHub Affiliate?

You wanna make money, right? Then it makes sense to promote a platform that has an extremely high chance of converting your traffic into sales. If that’s not enough, here are some more benefits:

recurring comissions

Recurring Commissions

Earn 10% commissions for every new customer and 10% ** for existing RocketHub customers. That's right, you can make on both types of referrals on auto-pilot!

realtime statistics

Real-time Statistics

Monitor your affiliate stats such as link views, clicks, referred sign-ups, and other useful insights from our affiliate dashboard 24 hours a day.

30days cookie durations

14-Days Cookie Duration

If your referral purchases within 14 days via your link, the commission is yours. Last click attribution applies if another affiliate partner sends same traffic.

timely payments

Timely Payments

When your affiliate commissions get approved, you’ll receive payouts quarterly to the PayPal address on file. Commissions will be sent after the refund period ends for each deal. Our deals typically run for 60-days.

repeat customers

Make More Money

Be first to promote RocketHub deals and generate a steady income as almost all customers buy more products in the future. The more people you refer, the more you earn!

reliable tracking system

Reliable Tracking

Use your unique affiliate link to promote RocketHub's platform while keeping track of your referrals and conversions!

account support

Account Support

Our team is here to help you and answer all your questions through email.


Affiliate Resources

Use our amazing resources to convert your audience to RocketHub customers, from custom-made banners to marketing snippets and videos. Ask our team for anything else you need.

Affiliate Commission Structure

Earn unlimited income. Up to 10% commission per referral.

Earn 10% of sales when you refer a new RocketHub customer and up to 10% on sales to existing customers **

No caps on earnings or order value.

affiliate commission structure


Technically, no. However, we always recommend that you at least review our deals to see if you like our platform, love the deals, and ensure that they’re appropriate for you and your audience.

There is no fee to become an affiliate. However, we are very selective on who qualifies. Criteria include a verifiable identity and a solid traffic source(s) such as website/blog, YouTube channel, or social platforms.

Our cookie lasts for 14 days. If your referral purchases within 14 days, then you’ll get commission for that sale. The system automatically applies last click attribution so if another affiliate partner sends the same referral, they’ll be credited the commission. 

Any affiliate with at least $100 in affiliate commission is automatically paid on the next quarterly payment cycle. Payments are sent to the PayPal email within your profile.

See more info here:

Click over to the Affiliate Dashboard and bookmark the link for future reference. You can find all stats such as traffic sent, referral commissions, and payment status and your affiliate profile details.

There are usually 3 common reasons why you likely did not get credit for a referral:

  1. Another affiliate referred the same person and the system uses last-click attribution.
  2. The person you referred did NOT use your affiliate link. And if this happens, there is no way to assign to you. Your referrals MUST use your affiliate link when purchasing – no exceptions. We will NOT manually intervene with the affiliate system. Please do not ask us to do so.
  3. The referral may have refunded the purchase, issued a chargeback, or was flagged as fraud. In other words, we never got paid (actually lose money) and therefore you cannot get paid.

NOTE: We will NEVER manually edit any affiliate referral commissions ever. So please do not ask us.

Yes it is temporary so take advantage while it’s higher than before 🙂

In Sept 1, 2023, we changed our affiliate terms but the affiliate system we use could not support a different referral % between new and existing customers. Therefore, we had to default to this model where it was the same 10% for both new and existing customer referrals. 

However, when the affiliate system gets updated in the future and supports our intended model, we will reduce the referral commission back to 5% for EXISTING customers/users as many of those are obtained directly through RocketHub’s own marketing efforts and community.

Please contact this email with any questions related to the affiliate program or affiliate payments:
affiliates @ rockethub . com

Do not use this email for deal support related questions.

Enjoy the benefits of being an RocketHub Affiliate. Signing up only takes 1 minute & it's free to join!