How it works: RocketHub Marketplace

There are only a few steps required to list your product on the Marketplace.

Watch the video on the right to see how to submit your application.
  • Apply by completing the Marketplace Submission form here.
  • Our Launch team reviews your submission (usually takes 1-2 days)
  • You’ll receive a draft listing with your product details for review and approval.
  • Apply by completing the Marketplace Submission form here.
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RocketHub Marketplace: The Terms

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There are only a few steps required to list your product on the Marketplace.

  • 70% of the revenue goes to you / 30% to us
  • You Must be listed for at least 90 days. (though we are flexible if you want to takedown your product earlier)
  • 30-day refund period similar to all our deals.
  • Payments made quarterly (paid for all purchases that can no longer be refunded). All refundable purchases (within the 30 days refund period) will be paid in the next quarterly payment.
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Your Product, Your Way

It’s your great product. You know the value it can give to your customers. You have more to offer,  When you create your campaign, you have control over:
  • Duration of your listing (we are flexible to takedown earlier)
  • Number of plans/licenses for your product
  • Target audiences
  • Ways to redeem (you choose how someone redeems your codes)

When a Rocketeer purchases your product, our system will deliver it:

✅ As an instant download. OR,
✅ A redemption code that customers can use to redeem the product on your site/app.
RocketHub will only take a commission of the sale if you sell products on our site and will pay you your share of the sales on a regular basis.

Why RocketHub Marketplace?

Get More Exposure

Get more sales by listing your product on RocketHub and get additional brand exposure and get your product in front of RocketHub’s customer base.

Access to Target Customers

RocketHub provides you instant access to real buyers actively seeking reliable yet affordable software solutions. Our community includes fellow entrepreneurs, marketers, agency owners, sales teams, growth hackers, designers, and developers.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

RocketHub’s platform attracts a passionate user base that provides constructive feedback to help your business grow. Warning: They’re extremely vocal.

Accelerate Growth

Go to market faster while making money and generating buzz around your product. Whether it be to get your product market fit, demonstrate customer demand, or to prepare for a fund raising round, thousands of businesses and customers will recognize your brand.
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Track Your Sales and Performance

Wish to Know How You Are Doing? Meet Your Dashboard

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Respond to Customer Questions

there is a questions tab on each deal page where potential customers as well as purchasers of your deal can ask questions about your product. We encourage deal partners to check this section often and answer any questions users may have about the product. This can help alleviate any confusion or concerns there may be about the product or help new users acclimate to your product

View Sales & Reports

As the deal progresses, you’ll be able to log in and see the sales performance of your deal. IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time, these sales numbers ONLY report Gross Sales and do not take into account any refunds, so the numbers you see may be higher than actual net sales. We’re currently working to modify the reporting system to take refunds into account.
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More Transparency on the Way (Coming Soon)

Additional information will be provided to you by our launch team and will be made available inside of the Vendor Dashboard as we are able to integrate these numbers into the Dashboard, including:

Easy to List, Simple to Get Started

Listing your SaaS or a downloadable product is very simple
  • Know how to get started with RocketHub
  • Have questions before you submit your product ? We got the answers.
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