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The RocketHub LaunchKit Perks program works hand in hand with the best SaaS products to bring them new customers that are looking to make use of their products.

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Engage with SaaS Enthusiasts Seeking Your Tools

RocketHub is proud to be a global network of startups and entrepreneurs alike. Our members are always looking for the best software for their business and the Launchkit program is a great way to get your product in front of a captive audience, that are looking for product like yours.

Great offers for our members, warm leads for your business

Our customers will contact you, all we ask is that you provide our members with a unique offer for your product.

The Process

How to Become a Launchkit Partner

Step 01: Apply

Reach out if you're interested in joining as a partner. We'll review your application and contact you if it aligns with our members' needs.

Step 02: Offer

We'll work together to create an exclusive offer you wish to extend to our members when they sign up for your product through the Launchkit program

Step 03: Get Leads

We'll create a partner profile and present your deal to our members! Now all you have to do is keep an eye out for our users reaching out to you!

Submit LaunchKit Partner Application

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Just fill out the form below to list your product in the LaunchKit Directory and our partner team will be in touch.

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What is the actual offer / deal? How much can someone save? Who is the offer available to? Is the offer available to New Customers Only? Existing Customers Only? Or Both New + Existing Customers. What other requirements are there to be eligible for the deal? (i.e. this offer is valid for startups providing a product, application, platform etc. with a live website.)
What URL / where should the person go to redeem? What are the redemption instructions? (Step-by-Step Instructions on how to redeem and make use of the offer)

What would the URL (ideally a unique URL) be for RH Customers to redeem the deal?
Provide step-by-step instructions on how one of our users can redeem the deal.

Internal Contact Info (for discussions between RocketHub and Deal Partner going forward) - Name & Email.
Support Contact Info (for support issues related to customer redemption or other customer related issues - if different than Internal Contact) - Name and Email

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