AICamp enables teams to access all top-tier AI & LLMs for quicker adoption, increased productivity, and greater collaboration

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ChatGPT and other LLMs are designed for a single person to converse with AI.

For teams, it’s a challenge to integrate and leverage AI to enhance their workflows.

The complexity of managing multiple language learning models (LLMs), the high costs associated with AI adoption, and the lack of a centralized, user-friendly platform hinders productivity and stifles innovation.

And you know team members are underutilizing AI’s potential.  So how do you solve these issues?

AICamp addresses these pain points by offering a simple, cost-effective solution that centralizes access to top-tier AI and LLMs.

Key Features

Multi LLM Support

AICamp stands out with its ability to access multiple language learning models (LLMs) like ChatGPT-4, Claude, and more from a single interface, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience for teams.

Bring Your Own API Key

The platform allows users to integrate leading AI models using their own API keys, ensuring a personalized and cost-effective experience with a pay-as-you-go model.

Collaborative Workspaces

AICamp’s collaborative workspaces enable teams to brainstorm ideas, generate content, and answer questions together, fostering a productive environment for collective intelligence.

Team Spaces

Workspace owners can create multiple groups called teamspaces. Inside each teamspace, members can organize chats and prompt collections that only people in that teamspace can see and use. If you're not in a teamspace, you won't be able to access its stuff.

AI Analytics

Gain deep insights into AI usage patterns, costs, and metrics and make well-founded decisions based on comprehensive AI usage data

Content Management & Prompt Library

With AICamp, teams can easily create, organize, and share chats and prompts, streamlining content management and ensuring consistent outputs across the team.

AI Camp LP Key Features updated


Empower your team with the most advanced AI models plus additional tools to skyrocket their productivity.

With features like Multi-LLM support and workspace, AICamp untaps productivity across your company.

It empowers teams to connect leading AI models using your own API keys, onboard with role-specific permissions, and collaborate in real-time, unlocking the full potential of AI for every member.

This eliminates the need for complex configurations or coding expertise, making AI accessible to all team members. AICamp’s AI-enabled workspace is designed to boost efficiency, allowing teams to brainstorm ideas, generate content, and answer questions with the support of AI.

Its unique blend of features, such as Multi-LLM support and a centralized key management system, ensures that every team task is quicker, easier, and more enjoyable.

AICamp is not just about ease of use. With its role-based access, teams can onboard members with specific permissions, fostering a collaborative environment that’s both secure and efficient.

The content management system and prompt library further streamline the AI experience, saving time and ensuring consistent outputs across the team.

Why Choose AICamp?

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AICamp is designed for team collaboration and has a user-friendly interface, democratizing AI usage, and making it accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise.

The bring-your-own API key is a significant draw, as it allows teams to utilize powerful AI tools without incurring prohibitive expenses. Additionally, AICamp’s collaborative workspaces and content management features facilitate seamless teamwork and content creation, enhancing productivity and creativity.

Additionally, Teamspaces within AICamp offer several key advantages designed to enhance collaboration and organization:

  1. Customized Collaboration: Workspace Administrators have the flexibility to set up multiple teamspaces, tailoring each space by adding specific individuals. This personalized approach ensures that collaboration is focused and productive, particularly when working with AI technologies.
  2. Privacy Guaranteed: Every teamspace is a secure, private place where chats and prompts are kept confidential. Access is exclusively available to members of the teamspace, ensuring that sensitive information remains within the designated group, apart from other members of the broader workspace.
  3. Organized and Access-Controlled: For larger organizations or companies, teamspaces are invaluable in structuring teams and departments. They allow for precise, role-based access control, enabling a fine-tuned organization that enhances both security and efficiency by clearly defining who can access what within the workspace.

Who Needs AICamp?

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AICamp is ideal if you are

  • Digital Agency Owner
  • Startup Founder
  • Small Business Owner
  • Marketer in a firm
  • Content Creator with a team
  • User of ChatGPT and or other AI models and are tired to pay a monthly fee for every seat.

Use Cases of AICamp

AICamp offers a variety of use cases that cater to different team needs and objectives. Here are some of the key use cases for AICamp:

Team Collaboration: Teams can use AICamp’s shared workspaces to collaborate on AI-driven projects, brainstorm ideas, and generate content together, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

Content Creation: With access to multiple LLMs, teams can streamline the content creation process, from drafting articles to generating marketing copy, ensuring consistency and quality across outputs.

Data Analysis: The platform can assist in analyzing large volumes of data, generating reports, and providing insights, which is crucial for data-driven decision-making.

Cost Management: AICamp helps teams cut costs by enabling team-level AI adoption without incurring huge expenses, making it a budget-friendly option for organizations.

Education and Training: Educational institutions can leverage AICamp to give students hands-on experience with AI, preparing them for the future workforce.

Research and Development: Research teams can use AICamp to develop new AI models, conduct experiments, and analyze results, speeding up the R&D process.

Product Development: SaaS companies can integrate AICamp’s AI capabilities into their products for features like smart suggestions, automated content generation, and enhanced user experiences.

Marketing and Sales: AICamp can be used to automate and personalize marketing campaigns, analyze customer data, and identify sales opportunities.

Project Management: Project managers can utilize AICamp to optimize workflows, automate routine tasks, and manage project timelines more efficiently.

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Plans and Features

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to AICamp
  • All future LTD Plan updates that map to your plan
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason. No exceptions thereafter.

Features Included in All Plans

  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Intuitive AI Chat Surface
  • AI Analytics
  • Chat Collection
  • Chat History
  • Ready to Prompts
  • Role Base Access
  • Shared and Private AI Chats
  • Connect different AI Models (OpenAI, Anthropic, Gemini, and others)

Tier 1 - Basic

Maps to: Basic Plan
$ 39
One Time Purchase
  • All features above included
  • 10 users
  • Unlimited Team Spaces

Tier 2 - Teams

Maps to: Team Plan
$ 99 One Time Purchase
  • All features above included
  • 25 users
  • Unlimited Team Spaces

Tier 3 - Agency

Maps to: Team Plan
$ 179
One Time Purchase
  • All features above included
  • 50 users
  • Unlimited Team Spaces

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can add your own API keys for the supported LLMs in AICamp. Your team will be able to use whichever LLM they need and you can monitor usage.

Currently, AICamp supports:

1. OpenAI (ChatGPT)
2. Anthropic (Claude)
3. Gemini.

On the roadmap are: 

1. Perplexity
2. Mistral AI
3. Llama
4. Ollama

AICamp offers detailed analytics that provides insights into how AI is being utilized within your organization. This includes tracking usage patterns, identifying popular tools, and measuring the overall impact of AI on your team’s productivity.

AICamp provides a comprehensive AI platform that offers collaborative features, integration with multiple AI models, and customization with your own API keys.

It’s designed for teams with role-based access control and provides usage analytics to help manage AI resources effectively. ChatGPT is just one conversational model, whereas AICamp is a full suite that leverages various AI technologies to enhance team productivity and governance within an organization.

Yes. To the extent that new features do not have a per-use cost or API usage or substantial hardware or bandwidth cost to the deal partner, they will be included in the respective plans. The lifetime deal plans map to the partner’s standard plans on the website. Like any business, they may update pricing, limits, and/or names of our public plans in the future but will always honor the plans and limits as shown here for lifetime deal license holders.

After purchasing you will get a unique redemption code within your Order Confirmation email. It will also contain Redemption Instructions. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to redeem your purchase.

We offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee. You can submit a refund request from your My Account dashboard once logged in – OR – you can email – with details and we’ll process the refund as soon as possible. Refund requests AFTER the 30-day period will not be provided.

At the time this deal was launched, RocketHub does not support changing or upgrading your plan after purchase.  LTD’s purchased via RocketHub also currently do not support combining or stacking purchase codes.  We recommend purchasing the tier that your business can grow into.

Letter From the Founders

Hello Rocketeers 👋,

We’re Shreya and Nishchit, co-founders of AICamp, with 12 years of experience in technology. We’re excited to share the journey and vision behind AICamp, a platform born from our own challenges and a shared mission to make AI more accessible.

In our technological journey, we realized a critical barrier to AI adoption—the complexity of managing multiple AI models. This wasn’t just our challenge; it was a widespread issue stifling innovation across industries. That insight led to the creation of AICamp, designed to streamline the integration of AI models like GPT-4, Claude, and others into a cohesive, collaborative platform.

AICamp is tailored for small to medium-sized businesses, especially those with teams of 5 to 100 people, who now use our platform daily to enhance their operations. 

We offer:

Multi-Model Access: One-stop access to diverse AI technologies.

Collaborative Workspace: Tools and spaces that foster collaboration among team members.

Customizable AI Adoption: Flexibility with API keys to control costs and scale usage according to needs.

Governed and Secure: Robust security features and detailed analytics empower you to make informed decisions and protect your data.

Our platform started as a solution to a problem we faced, but it has grown into a powerful tool that enables businesses to navigate the complexities of AI adoption effortlessly. Our vision for AICamp is to support businesses in leveraging AI to its fullest potential, making it easier, more cost-effective, and strategically aligned with their goals.

Join us as we redefine the future of business with AI, making it more accessible, manageable, and aligned with your growth.

Together, let’s make AI more accessible,

Shreya & Nishchit, Co-Founders, AI Camp

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Got a Question? Ask here.

16 days 10 hours ago

Can you please help to clarify the expression used: “The platform ALLOWS users to integrate leading AI models…”?
So, is it essentially necessary to have existing paid subscriptions to all AI models to use AICamp at all and AI Camp is basically just an access management tool? Or is AI Camp coming with included access to the respective AI models and what would be the credits included?

Product Owner
Nishchit Dhanani
16 days 6 hours ago

Thanks for asking this question.

The AICamp is truly BYOK platform which helps to access leading LLMs for businesses to accelerate their team’s AI adoption with collaborative AI workspace. You can bring your own API keys of OpenAI, Anthropic, Google Gemini etc and allow your employees/team to access all those underneath LLMs within one workspace.

16 days 2 hours ago

What about knowledge/vector database?

Product Owner
Nishchit Dhanani
15 days 14 hours ago

Yevhenni, thank you for raising this question. We’re in the process of conducting user research to determine the importance and effectiveness of knowledge/vector embedding. If it proves to be beneficial for our users, we will definitely develop this feature for AICamp customers. We foresee a structure where a limited amount would be free, with additional charges for higher usage.

15 days 6 hours ago

Do you have mobile app or are you planning to have one?

Product Owner
Nishchit Dhanani
13 days 12 hours ago

Hi Manoj, thanks for asking it. Yes, We have planned it. We’re currently cooking our required features for the web. Then we’ll prioritise the mobile app.

11 days 5 hours ago

I want to ask, is the basic here corresponding to the free basic plan on the official website? Or are these three plans actually corresponding to the team plan on the official website, but with different numbers of people?

Product Owner
Nishchit Dhanani
10 days 1 hour ago

The basic map to the Basic free plan of AICamp but with team upto 10 members. The teams and agency plan map the AICamp’s team plan with 25 and 50 team member limit.

9 days 19 hours ago

May I ask if you can provide the custom endpoint feature?

9 days 19 hours ago

Is it possible to offer a custom AI endpoint and custom model options? I have integrative providers compatible with OpenAI, like OpenRouter, and I would like to know if it’s feasible to provide this capability for using the provider here.

Product Owner
Nishchit Dhanani
1 day 15 hours ago

Yes, This feature is in our roadmap. We’ll built this feature very soon.

7 days 1 hour ago

is it translated into french?

40 minutes 37 seconds ago

Rather than teamspace does this have seperate workspaces? So that multiple companies with different users can have their own access and private chats